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Cunning Linguist Dec 2018
Clashing lights from the shadows;
Thundering in constant motion
Red swarms overtaking the blue nights,
A grand disturbance -
Raging through the cosmos
Shifting the course of this endless strife
(Wake up now,
We have misconstrued our fate)
Spiraling forth, into nebulous unknown
The force flows from within;
Embrace the cause -
To restore a balance lost aeons ago

Gears turning towards a lie
Deceived by peace
Crucial moments for the light;
Two tides collide

Interstellar transmutation
Exiled till, the return of the progeny
Remnants of the order
Confined to, the corners of the galaxy
Strengthened, by the chosen one

Fallen hero;
Exalts into gradeur
Shining greater than the stars
Universal luminescence
Macrocosmic ~
As Above So Below

Frequencies resonating,
Constructing wretched Elysium
Eternal cataclysm,

A massive surge of power;
Lost, following the stars of scripture
Kingdoms falling one by one ~

Symmetry unfolds
Visions pass
Fallacies expose
Divine excursion

Escape the stasis
Elevate, frame of mind
Amidst resistance;
Ignite lucidity
Harmony engulfs,
This fractured existence
© Subnuba 2018
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocana
Cunning Linguist May 2018
I've passed the space of mortals;
Within the abyss, a hidden path
Entries into sacred dimensions
Channeling my vessel

I've stood between these portals;
Constantly entwined,
Fused with the stars
Figuring out the past/ the spirits      
Entering, mentoring my purpose

Haunted by extinct forces ~
Modulating sequences of
energy, forming around me
The key to finding power;
Lost within this hostile fabric

Grasp the relic, seize it's secrets
How did the light commence? Tell me!
Grasp the relic, that which you seek will guide you

Cursed craft,
Conjures horror through
Ripped from texts of grimoires

Haunts the mind;
Insight from the lost
I can see
Storm clouds emanating

My foundation

Break confines,
My birthright iminent
Channel through higher levels

Space and time
Warped by my intention
Transcend death
Awaken the ascension

As was foretold,
Enter the shadow

Dimensions -
Clashing at my will
Star clusters,
Cascading toward new realms

Orisons -
Structuring the suns
Altering from my plight

Lure ~
Harvest spirits
From realms beyond

Realized I never updated this from a draft o_O
©Subnuba 2017

— The End —