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Amanda Oct 2018
I tried to bury past regrets
Hide them in the dirt
No matter how deeply submerged
I still feel the hurt
Start watering flowers and stop watering weeds
its bitter Feb 2018
I'd like it if you
wrestled your fingertips under my ribcage and
pressed your palms
against my sides and felt,
conveyed across
the gauze of my skin,
my heartbeat racing in
my kidneys and
if you traced,
with two little toes,
four tendons
entwining my ankles and
if your eyelashes pretended to be
newborn jellyfish
toying with newfangled tentacles
across my bare shoulder blades and
if your tongue was a diving board
for lovely words plunging
into the ebbing oceanic air pockets
between us and
if your hands were seakelp,
leathery tendrils impossibly woven into my scalp,
a short tether
ensuring my submerged lips and nostrils
never shatter the glassy surface
Britney Lyn Nov 2017
You were a storm on my heart.
Your gusts of wind took me aback with each breath you let go,
Your words like thunder pounded at my barriers until you came flooding in.
You shattered the windows, tore down my walls and left me with nothing.
Nothing but you and your shallow waters.
Gabriel burnS Sep 2017
My veins are rivers;
you're a fast swimmer,
but you love taking
your time
Lately I'm been searching for lost parts of my self
in the deepest part of you
So the true lessons of love
I only feel when I'm a part of you
dreams of finding my sustenance
As explore these unknown depths
As our passion bubbles
Grasping for air as we dive in these
lustful hues of ourself
I would rather be submerged in your love and never come up
But these foreign waters
Sometimes trouble me
So I contemplate pulling up
Lost in you my curiosity
brings me deeper
This pressure and current is combatant
My ship is tattered
My oxygen is getting weaker
Shall I take residence in your being
Or Shall I call it quits for today
And Make tommorrow my sequel
Each I day I may search deeper
Or shall I perish searching and battling all your doubts, insecurities,secrets and demons
If I do perish I'm hoping this message reaches you
Then suddenly there is breach
The ship it starts to sink
Water filling my apparatus
It's getting harder to breathe
the pressure crushing my ribs
Nothing visible
All I can think about is your lips
And whispers of your affection
Guess This is the end
With my last words
I wish to kiss on your reflection
ryn Jan 2015
"You love them
With all your heart and soul
Yet, you can't be with them
But you'll never let them go...
And it hurts..."*
- The Girl Who Loved You

Submerged and gasping
Swept away by the immense wave
Thoughts of you I'm painfully drinking
To my heart I'm but a slave

Caught in the undertow
Find myself submitting carelessly
Brushed aside all that I used to know
Drowning in emotional debris

There's strength in me yet
I need not be killed today
I could break free, I could forget
But fight I do not, instead still I lay

Because you see... You are the ocean
And I am but an invisible speck
I, too, want a place in heaven
Not wallow an inconsolable wreck

I'd get washed over but I'd swim deeper
So we could exist only in memory
My heart betrays but never will I sever
Even if you're the love that was never meant to be
Line taken off TGWLY's "To All The People Who Can't Have The One They Love:", for Frank Ruland's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.

TGWLY is one of the first friends I made here and she's such an incredible writer!

This line of hers bears so much that I'd shed a tear everytime I read it. It rings so true for most of us. It made me made me feel human.

Thank you TGWLY for the inspiration and Frank for setting up the opportunity for me/us to acknowledge and give credit to those who've penned down solid lines embedded within amazing writes.
Once upon a time I sought a structure
that decided not to be found.
Perhaps on a map I’d look
                                      but Nothing
would stare back at me as if questioning its own darkness
and speaking as if          submerged.  

And so it remained as though of treasure submerged
within the withering structure
                                                       ­                    of a sunken ship in darkness,
praying to never be found.
would do much to reserve a second look.

Yet every so often it would open its eye and look,
                 in Nothing,
building piece by piece its own little structure
                                             to look
through the darkness.

And when complete, a light drowned the darkness
and gave away the slightest chance to look,
                 but to be found
                                                 in the vanishing darkness
would prove fatal to the structure
         and so it died and returned to Nothing.

I had thought it would all be for nothing,
maybe a chance to wade through the darkness
would wither            away the need for the structure.
                                                 I wondered if it would be of use to look,
even in those places so deep and submerged
    where nothing would be found.

   Or maybe all along it had been found
   and the light had since destroyed the Nothing,    
leaving it to wither away submerged
and drifting to the empty void of darkness.
With a feeling of peace to stop and look,
a gentle glint of light revealed the structure.

But what to do when the structure was found?
Was to hold it for a look worth nothing?
Should something of such darkness be submerged?
BianchiBlue Jul 2014
Draw me in the font

overflowing the causeway

submerged in your ink

— The End —