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Äŧül Apr 2013
It was nightfall,
I felt very sleepy,
And I dozed-off
To the stud in my

Oh how strong he was!
All muscle unlike my body,
Stiffer, stronger & ***** he was!

She gave a bath,
And a massage too,
To the stud in my

She caresses it sweetly,
And she kisses it too,
Yes, the stud in my

She kissed my stud,
A bit too much and,
The stud spewed its stomach
Out on her face,
In my most wild

The girl's eyes were,
Teeming with tears,
To the stud in my

As she was happy,
Tears were of joy,
To the stud in my
111 Words Of
My HP Poem #150
© Atul Kaushal
Nyx Mar 2018
You have got yourself into a quite a mess
But you still want to cause some trouble
Two girls perfectly in love with you
Yet you just sit there, and simply begin to chuckle

Your reputation gone
Since you cheated on you last girlfriend
But you simply made it worse
cause the girl you cheated with was my friend
You ****** over two year levels in a single day
But you refuse to stray from your fuckboi ways

You got drunk and cried at your last party
I want a long term relationship but I always **** it up
Well no **** sherlock your kind of a stud

I feel slight pity for him tho
As hes been completely outcasts
But as soon as I begin talking to him
He attempts to slide in real fast

Now his game begins again
Except this times its with his childhood friend
Another girl from our year level
Fresh out of a bad relationship
And now they will fight for him
A battle I know they will never win
Cause this boy won't be held down,
he's enjoying this
Watching with an amused grin

Both know of his boyish ways
And neither believe they will be betrayed
Here they are both telling me their woes
And how much they hate each other
Fighting for his affection
When instead his eyes are wondering in another direction

He flirted and wants to hookup with me
We made plans to do it tonight, there is a big party on, and that's seems like the perfect time
but that in itself, its own kind of mess
I don't particularly want to create
I don't fancy being another one of those girls
that he puts into his trophy case

Boy, Your trying to play me
But you somehow forget who I am
I am the one that finds out everything
That is the advantage I have
You are a pretty smooth talker
I agree, that's true

but next time you decide to play this, take aim
Attempt to pick players who don't know the game
Cause simply I'm the one of the ones that do
So this round of the games is kind of *******
Just a random fuckboi, attempting to get in my a bunch of my friends, and they all have a thing for him but I found out hes flirting with all of them but isint intetested
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
There once was a man
That thought his member was grand
He called it the best in all of the land

He went from woman to woman
He said he was just checking their fluid

If your thinking he's a stud you couldn't be wronger
He's what my my grandpa would call a whoremonger
Nick Moser Feb 2016
Sometimes, when I go for a drive,
I see myself in the side-view mirror.

And I say:
“Man, who’s that stud in the side-view?”

And other times when I go for a drive,
I see myself in the visor mirror.

And I say:
“Man, who’s that stud in the visor?”

But most times when I go for a drive,
I see myself in the rear-view.

And I say:
“Man, that stud is never going to get anywhere if he keeps living in the past.”
Are notes really optional?
Matt Sep 2014
Have you ever been to a sporting event ladies
Perhaps track or football

Where you got to watch powerful men compete
Did you watch the men at track practice

Their shirts off
Bodies glistening in the sun

Rock hard abs
Powerful chests

Strong powerful legs
And tight buttocks

You watch him throw the javelin
The javelin is like a symbol
Of his powerful male member

Do you want to run your hands on his powerful body?
You begin to massage your inner thigh
There is a cool breeze blowing
You spread your legs slightly
As the wind rushes up your skirt
You didn't wear ******* to this practice

It's time to return to your dorm
And fantasize about him
While you explore with your *** toys
Matt Sep 2014
Do you Love a well-hung stud?
Do you love a muscular and powerful man?

With high *** drive
And a rather long and thick manhood?

Do you enjoy his ****** stamina?
If you do

Write a poem for me
About how your well-hung stud
Sends waves of pleasure through your body!

— The End —