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It was simple with you
And I miss it that way
Waking up to your smile made my everyday
Being your friend was never going to be enough
It’s true what they say, you cannot help who you love
Maybe I should...

It was difficult to love you
But I miss it all the same
I got to witness your demons
And I felt your pain
But you hide behind a mask
Maybe you shouldn’t...

Together, it was a disaster
Together, we were a mess
I say I love you
You know when I say it, that it’s true
But when you say it back
All I hear is, “ Goodbye to You.”
Maybe you should...

With nothing to say, you turned around and left
I felt my heart shake, then it shattered
I’m tattered and torn, left broken on the floor
But my love just wasn’t enough for you
I have words to say, the ones that could make you stay
Maybe I shouldn’t...

But in the end,
My Heart,
My Soul,
My Love,
My Words,
We’re. Never. Enough. To. Make. You. Stay.
Maybe they should have been...
april Apr 2016
“i remember that it hurt,
looking at her hurt.”
Jo Baez Mar 2016
Truth is just as they say;
Love is a lot like a shipwreck
Or folding origami paper.
Trying to find the perfect fit as the corners start to shrink and fold in.
He had the perfect wife
but the perfect wife found the perfect fault in their chronological love.
She grit her teeth and didn't look back
I guess that's why it's called cheating.
I'm astonished with overwhelming sadness.
As the only thing that still holds the broken sails together is the son they've spawned.
In the belly of a dangerous sea.

— The End —