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Mister J May 2018
My legs feel heavy
My muscles stiff
My eyes looking bleak
My heart barely beating

God I feel so tired
Every day has been a cycle
Walking in the same pace
As everybody else in this world

I need a break
An adrenaline rush
That makes me feel
Life is worth living

I need a change in pacing
I have to get over this phase
Gotta wake up and slap my face
And get out of this stressful daze

God I feel so burned out
The embers in my youth
Slowly dying out
I may cease to function soon
Stressful week
Stressful life
I hate being an adult

Thanks for reading!

Le Lotus Feb 2018
I hate my oldest brother,
He's nothing but a poison in my life.

My dad got the coldest shoulder ever,
He was never really on my side.

My step mother got the tightest sour face in the world,
5 years went by yet she still is a bad decision to me.

They say cut off toxic people out of your life,
But how do I cut mine ?
The toxics mostly my flesh and blood.
always anxious Jan 2018
I'm so stressed out.
It feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders
It makes me want to shout
When life throws nothing in my direction but boulders.

Time is passing too fast
I feel like i barely have enough time to breathe
I wanna make every precious moment last
but everything that happens makes my insides seethe
Lerin Feb 2016
I'm tired.
I'm tired of exams.
I'm tired of studying day and night for a piece of paper which literally determines my next job application.
That doesn't make any sense.
I could be **** good at something not a paper is worth for, but will i be given a chance to prove so?
I'm tired of exams
Aren't you?
winter Nov 2015
i've always been very fragile glass

— The End —