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Baylee Oct 2015
A lot of people seem to think
that I would be great at
But improvisation
gives me bad

He also thought that stand-up
was in my best interest;
it isn't.
That must be why he
stood me up last night-
how's that for improv?

So there I was, downtown,
waiting alone, for a guy
that would never show up.
Put on the spot to entertain,
improvisation, you could say,
*but I'm not too good at stand-up.
Fae Sep 2015
the silence makes me shake
smooth out the wrinkles on the red velvet tablecloth
pushing out all the crinkles i made
his text interrupts the flicker of the melting candles
i'm sorry, i'm sorry
baby, i don't want this to be real

so i sit in a stiff chair, in the breezy balmy evening
watch the curtains flutter
wishing the buzz of my cell phone
was a knock at my door

— The End —