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Aleena May 8
Tears slowly roll down
the cheeks of some
While for the others
The don’t roll at all
But on the inside they do

An invisible tear is shed
Somewhere in the world, It falls
Onto the hard wood floor
Where no one watches
the heart as it cries in sorrow

this tear is like no other
It doesn’t draw attention
But still it is a tear of pain
A pain that aches on the inside
A pain like no other

This invisible pain requires an invisible tear

Thus thee cries the invisible tear
Because that’s the tear for thee
A tear not ment for anyone’s eyes
A tear that nobody
knows had shed
Because it did so in silence
This tear was designed to deceive

A tear looks like a smile on the outside
But inside it is grief and misery
Outside you see a cheery face
deep down the heart has broken
Every time the pain is forgotten
It comes right back, more painful then the last
After a moment of peace
Then the heart splits once more
Once it remembers the forgotten stab
That left its mark forever
I try
to keep on smiling,
even when
stabs at the heart.
It might not
be easy,
but I want you to know
that I'm alright.
Just trying to keep that smile on my face...
It stabs
you in the face
every time
it gets a chance.
It takes
away your breath,
making it impossible to breathe.
It freezes
your limbs
and your insides.
Though it hurts,
I still love it.

It's a blizzard out there right now...
❄️ Can't wait to get out and see how it feels ❄️
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
As the weekend marches,
deep down something crushes me inside
although I enjoy my company
but when I see other having fun
it somehow stabs me from behind.

No, I don't want to compare
it only makes me more of a fool,
as the weekend marches everybody seeks for themselves
Just to have one more sip of enjoyment!
Not to compare but everyone seeks for some refreshment during the weekend. Our mind is forced to look upon weekend as a blessed 2 days. I wish everyday I could feel the blessing of being alive and breath.

— The End —