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blazing soul May 31
You will need me more than you think you would ever need me...
You will retire into tears, when you reflect on my words and realize it's the truth all the while..
You will curse the beings that has clothed the truth with lies and led you astray.
You will feel the spectres of truth, the ingenuity of the soul behind the scrivener and be immersed in unexpected chill....

But then it will be too late cause I will be nowhere found..
More than ever
Demons to so many are simply metaphors
Symbols of our darker side
A rational mind may discern what is real
Even with spectres seen and voices heard

Seemingly real what our senses feel
We can swear that we heard a disembodied voice
Or saw a ghost or spirit
But they may be an illusion
Our eyes and ears do play
Tricks on our minds
Like hysterical blindness being all in the head

As in dreams by night
Perhaps these things
Are conscious dreams by day--
Our minds trying to tell us something
In its own symbolic and abstract way
Just as real as physical symptoms
Deeply rooted in the mind

It has been said that your perception is your reality
If so, these things are then your personal reality
These things may be real
But only to you
Or whoever is in your headspace
Or our collective headspace
Where our senses peak

Your reality or your orientation is defined
By what you focus on
And what you look through
Day after day--
You truly are what you eat

But are the negative effects of what you see
Compounded by further distorted perception?

Are you focusing on something through

     <A spider web-cracked window?
     <A spider’s web built across your
     <A fogged-up or frosted window?
     <A coloured or tinted window?
     <A *****  smudged window?
     <A window partially or totally obscured
            By bushes or trees?        
     <A window at night where what you
            See beyond the window is 
            Superimposed with your own
            Reflection and that of
            Objects and lights that are               
            Behind you in the room?
     <A window with the blinds closed?
     <Are you trying to look through just
             A picture of a window hanging on
                        Your wall?  
Whatever windows we peer through
Or whenever we enter
Humankind’s collective and connected
We see and hear these demons and spectres
Dancing through the dark empty rooms
And hallways of mind

Waiting for the right time
To bring the party to the light of day
Where they will forever stay
Since we have been inviting them
And have been preparing the way for them
For a very
Long time

                               --Daniel Irwin Tucker

— The End —