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Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
Για νεκρούς στρατιώτες
Ρίξαμε τα όπλα μας
Σταματάμε να παλεύουμε
Αυτή τη στιγμή της μνήμης
Είναι μαζί μας
Αγωνίζονται μαζί μας
Έχω δει τις μητέρες μας
Πλήρη δάκρυα
Είναι τόσο γρήγορο
Πού πήγαν εκείνα τα χρόνια;
Οι μνήμες δεν θα τους αφήσουν να κλάψουν
Μόνο αν δεν επιστρέψω απόψε
For Fallen Soldiers

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-Na­-a-a- yeah,

Singin’ the light of *Agido!

See her likeness like the sun,
Can I praise? Can I blame her?
When winged-dreams come undone…

Singin’ the light of Agido!
Pierce Pleiades with the dawn,
And now I’m ploughing the Dog-star, -yeah!
Wooing my goddess with a song,

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-Naaa- yeah!

The owl on a rafter-er, the festival of days, -yeah!
Singin’ the light of Agido,
My Dawn Goddess passion’s haze,


Singin’ the light of Agido!
Ten-beauties-likeness like the sun,
Floating swans on streams of Xanthus,
Sweet-tasting honey’s oh so young!

Singin’ the light of Agido-oh!
Singin’ the light of Agido!


Singin’ the light of Agido-oh!
See her likeness like the sun,



Na-­Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-A-A- yeah!

I saw the light of Agido,
A War of Love eclipsed the sun,
Who’s to blame? Where’s the praise now?
When winged-dreams come undone,



Na-na-na-­na-na-na-Na-a-a- yeah,


*Standard tempo
The first opera was produced by a Spartan named Alcman. It contained the first chorus which was meant to be sung by the audience. Most of the play is missing so I reconstructed a modern form in song for it. It is on the Paris Papyrus. It was said to have been the most popular play in Greek history because of the singing nature and the audience participation.

Agido is the woman whom was so beautiful the angels of heaven turned against god and themselves fighting a war over her. In Sumerian her name implies, "Creation/created of the waters."

The phrase, "ten beauties likeness like the sun," comes directly from the original and is a clue that the Greeks had longitudinal navigation allowing them to sail across the oceans. There are ten major stars aligned on the ecliptic against which you must plot the moon's position nightly to chart longitude.
Born to sour temperament and political policy,

Weakness gleamed in tremor's slight,

To pale to be of Grecian ilk,

Thank Gods no country side in sight.

Now seven years the barracks beckons,

My Mother's pride sent to the stake,

Twenty three years for the pain in me,

No time for us soldiers to be fake.

Wonders of becoming that horrid equal,

A wife to take but no house to live,

Those whips a dear and cutting friend,

No muscle ever the chance to give.

Now thirty years we slot in perfectly,

So time again now doubled in blue robe,

Strong through beatings beautiful brutality,

We never Athenian but of Spartan abode.
Lark Train May 2016
Another Thermopylae to defend.
Our love's a battle we can't win.
And so I'll die a Spartan's death,
You'll leave me with out any breath.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
Spartan shield wall, impenetrable & fortified
Persian soldiers, dying by the thousand
Spears pointed outward, catching flesh & blood
Persian soldiers, dying by the thousand

Sun blotted out by Persian arrows
Persian archers, killing them all
Spartan soldiers, fight to the last
Persian archers, killing them all

Spartans all fallen, not one left alive
Persian soldiers turn back home
Spartans left immortalized, final stand
Persian soldiers turn back home

Spartans, three hundred strong
Spartans, still standing tall
//On history//
This was my 300th poem, posted at the end of February 2016.

— The End —