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brandon nagley Jun 2016
Mine Jane, to whom do I compareth thee?
To the moon's, sunset's, star's; ancient sea's?
Thou art the rose of the Philippines, the heat
To mine *****. O' mine woman, thou art the
Divine, the release of dopamine in mine
Dismayed mind; thou art so fine mine dear,
In every calendar season. With thee I laugh
With none questions nor reason's, thy
Countenance is of the ethereal race;
O' dearest, mine pet, one day ourn heart's
Shalt beat in one stage. Darkness shalt be
Trampled under ourn wild toes,
Singing song's, speaking hymn's
Saints do only know. Mayest
Ourn caru grow, mayest god
Bless ourn love, elated
by eachother's word's
Of hope, babes of the
Same yolk; apparition's
Of the same cloak,
Vibrant in color.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley, (àgapi mou) dedication
Thee- you
Thou- you
Art- are
*****- has many definitions this one is- used to refer to the chest. Of men and women.
Countenance-a person's face or ****** expression.
Mayest- may.
Caru- welsh word for love.

Day late on Jane's ten month anniversary poem our anniversary was on ninth already made her something yesterday made her a cute romance comic strip that's funny lolll today poem .. least I try though not best lol!!!! Will be posting this to SoundCloud in about 20 mins if wanna hear it at
SoundCloud .com type my name brandon Nagley will find this poem there!
Thanks for reading dear poets!!!!

— The End —