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Hubbiya Oct 26
Sometimes I wonder,
Humans are made?
Or created? To write,
Can be lengthy
Coz they do a lot,
A lot that may hurt
That may love,
But some,
I'm on the cloud
To see them whole.
L Aug 2018
I almost broke down. I could have. I was keeping it together. I just kept thinking,
"I just have to make it.
                Just get home.
                                Just make it.
Louise Belle May 2015
and i am in love with you,

i never thought it would feel like this,
like a deep ache,

i would not wish this on anyone,
because love hurts,

and i am in love with you,
Louise Belle Feb 2015
It's kind of like you're dead because you're not here and I can't feel you breathing anymore.
And this twin sized bed seems so big without you here making it seem so small.
 And it's like this deep ache in my bones because I miss you so much and I want you by my side.
 I just don't understand this feeling because I can't be yours but you kiss me like I am.

— The End —