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Shewrites Sep 2018
I no longer enjoy
solitarily and silence
Nor the bliss
of tranquility in stillness.
It sickens me now
It's like...
It feeds the lonely monster
dwelling inside me and
poops out negative thoughts,
making me over think
about little things,
And the bacteria
That comes with it
deteriorates my optimistic immune system making it weak.
Then eventually eating up my whole identity leaving me empty
and thats when i start to question myself... who I really am.
I feel like my soul
is completely lost
in the abyss
of my own profound thoughts.
Swimming in the infinite universe in my head.
Unable to return
Just floating in the void.
I drowned myself in coffee and work
My body responds oddly.
Plus the defeaning silence made way for me to hear my inner self murmuring about life

— The End —