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Soliel Feb 2019
Banging my head against the wall
Looking for reasons I’m sure of.
Trying to prove a point,
breathing not,
not anymore.

Walls, I could hear them speak to me,
Witness to my deranged late nights talking to myself.
Their eyes, tired from keeping up.
If I could hear their words I’d hear mine back.

One more glass in the sink
One more thought of being cleaned
Then again who cares?
I’d be swoon once again.

Sweet flicker of lights
Deep liquor of lies
Singing songs of the old
Just missing you.
this is old but man, i can still relate lol.
Soliel Feb 2019
10 years from now I’d regret it if:
I find you in someone else’s arms,
You find your home through someone else’s eyes,
And that someone else is never I.

10 years ago
I never know,
I’ll never have a clue,
For I was never there,
That very 10 years ago.

4 years ago,
I think I was robbed
Of jokes, I tried hard not to laugh
Of the presence in the room
With a loud voice
and a young heart I avoid.

4 years ago,
I was robbed by his wild heart
His delinquent ways and acts
Him standing in the pavement,
That look in his face he doesn’t have a clue of!
My god, what should I give to take that all back!

4 years ago,
I was robbed
Not knowing I’d loved that man
Not knowing that I can.
it isn't what I feel now, but I can't say its never considered love just because I forgot how it felt now. As they say, It is love for what we knew love to be.
Soliel Feb 2019
I counted the months, the years, the days in the calendar.
I went through my head again – there’s no sign of a wound or a scar.
I realized forgetting is so much easier now.
Seeing the familiar takes no shots at me, how?

I went online,
A picture of you,
A picture of friends,
A picture of her
With you.

Went through the comments,
Here we go again with the stalking!
Hearts on the floor, hearts everywhere.
You replied with an ‘I love her.’

Ran to the room, I feel like fire.
Reached the backdoor with a blade on my hand.
And before I knew it “**** it!”
I thought it was gone, I thought “I’ve moved on.”
**** it!

I sat on the floor, too long to remember.
All that I know is what I know now,
After all this time, why?
You’re still the one.
Soliel Feb 2019
Stray light of sigh, of freedom
That one day in time.
In the fast pace of dates,
of gold's pressure, we tamed.

Then crash the chaos
- we suddenly care -
causing sequence destroyed.
From where?

From that lovely little darling,
A child, a lonely person, a dream,
your peace.
From what was once not a memory
of an innocent whisp.

An innocent whisp of what life really means.

Attention, your hug, your kisses, your love.
Your bright eyes of clouds, of me,
And the air of exuberance you lived in - for keeps.

All of them went mad, went bad.
Wore 'grave' like a drape of second skin, second face
to tell you :

Come back, come back
remember life out of bulb lights
And back to the sunrise,
we watch on the peaks of December.

Come back, come back,
there's still time to stop in your tracks,
look at your hands that once had been in love.

— The End —