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Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
There lies a soldier deep within
He is strapped with might
To fight
The blight

He is not perfect, nay
He has even sinned
But this battle that's been laid before him
He will surely win
To help bring light
Into the night
Yeah, even unto his own kin

He carries great knowledge of the spiritual realm
For this - he has been placed right at the forefront, yeah
Placed right at the helm
But knowledge = power
Therefore, he will not be overwhelmed

He will be carried straight through
To victory
On the wings of an eagle
He will succeed
It is time for this soldier that I speak of
To be freed
Its time for him to ******* all his armor
For all the world to see
And this soldier that I speak of, is indeed,
Now is the time to be unleashed and be the promising soldier I was always meant to be ✌
I think the poem explains itself. Theres a lot of evil and darkness in this world. Somebody has to fight against it. Ive been called to, but Ive been struggling. Hoping to get out of this cruddy place I'm in and start fighting like I'm meant to.

— The End —