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Laokos Oct 2019
. . . and finally i
allow the sun to
set on another
failed love

two years too
late ?  or maybe
right on
time . . .

my shell and my
spear - this heart
of mine in its
place of power
again ,
but changed

as an emerald bird
of thunder
frees the water
from its cell
in the
Safiya Husain Mar 2019
Like a harbour docked with ships ,
That Leave and arrive in the guidance of a light house, is my heart.
A shelter to the arriving and departing love.
Yes, but...non-guided.
Wrecked,Wretched and awful.
That once rented a gruesome space
to a soujourner.
A tenent unknown and untrustworthy.
FS Antemesaris Dec 2015
Some men seek flesh which does not belong to them.
Others, gold, or colored paper worn extraordinarily thin.
Still others covet gadgets and toys that tinker.
Some merely are after the liberty to be a free-thinker.
While I see the value of gold and liberty,
One will grow old, while the other is found in tranquility.
So then, as I sojourn, my eyes are set on the Trinity.
And because of the pity of Divinity,
I am already a citizen of that unseen city.
AK Bright May 2015
Destiny will not be found
in the realm of time
Limited to our own imaginations

We are all but strangers in this land
It is those who find a belonging to this world
 who are truly lost

Echoes we chase of discontentment
Searching for pieces we think we lost
or never had

Hearing the voices inside and out
Declaring "You Don't Belong"

Wanderers, explorers, seekers at best
Life is a Sojourn
    not a place to nest

— The End —