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John McCafferty Nov 2020
Anxiety and excitement are one of the same
Research for an answer to analyse traits
For the loss of another can be someone's gain
A vicious cycle with which to attain
Stressed from such pressures
Soften your edges to lighten your weight
All in a state but we all hesitate
Widen perspective and encompass ourselves
When life skills aren't taught
Are we really at fault or who is to blame
Personal perception distinguishes choice
Critical thought strengthens one's voice
A softer approach is often dismayed
Where are your heroes when you reach of an age
Admiration compels to find your own way
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
fs yousaf Jun 2018
The light may not enter today,
or tomorrow,
but throughout time
young rays will begin to grow
in the darkness of your heart,
and your heart will soften
with the warmth that comes with.
Sarah Michelle Aug 2014
Fratellino's rock collection
turned into flower petals.
      Madre has a portrait of him
putting them in his hair, turning into Sorellina instead.
Fratellino-- Italian word for "little brother". Sorellina means "little sister". Madre is "mother".
Attenuare--Italian; "to soften".
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
There was a song,
I recall like a drug.
From my childhood,
yet faintly lost at sea.

It was a sweet song.
A whistle?
A sweet song indeed.
It was a humming,
and a hemming.
And I sway to the long,
for that old sweet song.

The song that shut
sweet child eyes.
The song that could
disguise bad times.
The song filled with warmth,
to soften my ice.
The song that calmed pain,
proving the existence of 'truly nice.'

This song from way low,
to the day I now know,
is my..heart
my lu-lu-lullaby
I always wanted my parents to sing me to sleep. Read me a book to sleep, but they didn't.
  The only thing my mom read to get me to sleep was the bible. And we weren't even that religious.

Now I love lullabies so much! Vienna Tieng- Lullaby For A Stormy Night is my #1!

— The End —