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Why do you have few friends?
She asked

Do you think I need more?
I replied

But still, she told

I don't need more
I don't need
Genre: Experimental
Theme: And what if you don't have time for nonsense talk?
Author: If you have 1000 friends, it's okey. If you have 1 real friend, it is precious. If you don't have any, still feel comfortable, it's okey too. Count don't matter, the peace you feel inside is what matters.
Nobody cares
About the kid in the twenty one pilots sweatshirt
Cause they think he's like Stacy's mom
But there ain't nothing going on.
Not after the the verbal attacks,
The nagasaki bombings of his social life.
And honestly he kind of
Wants to
Off himself right now.
But he can't say that aloud.
No that's not allowed.
It's not allowed
To hold your own opinions,
And say how you feel.
But what you know to be true
I guess is never really real.
At least according
To the people who care about you.
And the slow-motion train wreck
That he called a friendship
Is now just a sinking ship.
And it looks like he's going down.
But his hoodie's warm
So he'll be okay in the ice
Francie Lynch Apr 2017
We should get married,
Shouldn't we?
Is that a nod,
Do you agree?
Should we expect
Two to three?
Will this car be enough,
Should we plunge
For a bigger house
To store our unused stuff?
Can we make the payments,
Will I be promoted,
Or will I loose my job?
Parent/Teacher Night's tonight,
I'm late for the rehearsal,
I've got to go coach little league,
After Health 'n Safety Training.

Am I homophobic?
Am I alcoholic?

Did I see gray about my temples,
Crow's feet around my eyes?
Am I gaining extra weight,
My waist is twice my height.
I have lumps and grunts
I didn't have before,
I hear thumping in the night,
Did I lock the doors?
And this is just our personal life,
The world outside is crumbling:
Brexit, Walls, pipeline horrors,
The Amazon Rain Forests.
Acid Rain, O-Zone, Isis
(And throw in North Korea),
There are multitudinal crises,
All conspiring succinctly,
With too much sneaking thievery,
Adding grist to an angst-filled life.

Do I really need to ask,
What will our kids do,
When they leave their angst behind
To be worry free as you.
Short Jul 2015
Kinda like a vampire
I stay out
Till' I get an invite
And without doubt
That they really want me there

Kinda like a vampire
I see nothing there
In the mirror
Beyond my stare
But why should you care?

Kinda like a vampire
I feel monstrous
And without care
And I **** the life of people here
Mostly, of those for whom I care

And kinda like a vampire
I stare into the night
And I think
Is it really right
That I am here?
It's a little exaggerated... But hope you like it :)
Cazandra Leia Oh Dec 2014
Friends, lovers, mothers, love;
the things i've never understood.

My life a pool of now murky water;
it's beauty i've never seen.

The fear of experiencing this pain;
a damp blocking out all's true and good.

I wallow in my endless fears,
terror and melancholy awaits in tomorrow.
Melissa Malan Oct 2014
Find me on the Internet
Where you can find the best version of me,
I'll make sure of it.
Luna Casablanca Jun 2014
They see me alone all the time.
They wonder, they judge, and they criticize.
They worry, give in, and think they are the ones I am to rely.
But they must know
I am just fine.
Who do I bother? Why do they care?
I feel so
confident, independent, contempt and strong.
I go out into the world alone
I do nothing wrong.
To them, that is a DARE.
I'm alive, I'm here,
I have self-security, I have no fear.
Though a butterfly must travel alone
to find the right place
and to settle and roam.
Then they may not be friends,
but saying hi is always worth a try.
I have not died.
I live in a way that is a concern,
but when they see what I can do, they learn.
How independence is gifted
from the heart.
Avoidance is a move
that can be very smart.
They see I show up,
in shock,
let them be.
I'm alive is what they get
by the presence of me.
Everyday and the future
is not going anywhere.
Because now,
I'm alive.
I must  be productive and wise.
I'll do what I want,
and if I'm alone, I'll do it.
I'll go.
So I dare.

— The End —