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sushii Apr 25
It's beautiful, crystalline moments like these
That allow my sobering soul to believe.
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
Another year, now older
Am I wiser?
Perhaps, but surely bolder
What can I say
I feel more or less the same

The years float by, entrancing
But each no more enhancing
The reflection has no change
Yet my vision has less range
The wrinkles aren't yet there
And the grey has not attacked my hair
But somehow I feel aged
In my own mind encaged
I don't mind the sound of my years
For some it brings them to solemn tears
I find it sort of soothing
As evidence that life is moving

The time is comes and goes
When it will end, no one knows
But for now on earth it snows
And the howling wind still blows
Sinister glacial dissolution verge
huge jagged icebergs reverberate
nature extemporizing mock sinister
debacle, sans bot mot, braggadocio,

rodomontade, et cetera distinct, ear splitting,
fractal heaving snap, crackle and pop,
cacophonously fabulous, incredulously
humongous, and thunderously voluminous

cleanly cut, and/or jaggedly serrated,
sheared into brittle spears whence
huge packed floes crash into sea
possibly loosing significant tidal wave

irrefutably, evidently and directly linkedin
with global warming, and greenhouse effect
removed at safe distance within my man
cave burrow, which doubles daily asthma

fall out shelter (ideally scrutinizing human
kind imprimatur seated facing an array
of sophisticated computer modules)
such albedo blinding, igloo jettisoning,

and veto wanting phenomena will induce
one to become slack-jawed at ice escapades
exploits of gigantic iceberg expanses
(some the size of Rhode Island)

eerily fascinating, grimly haunting,
yet inherently jarring since such dissent
against he incursion evoked via humankind
invariably spell terrestrially grammatically,

environmentally, and climatologically
dread locked hair raising drama scientist
worth his/her salt could hedge bet against,
asper predicting dire consequences

survival of thee primate perhaps once
exclusive fictional terrain, and silly
raconteur fabrication of keen
imaginative grade school pupil,

which undeniable, lamentable, and
irrefutable data imposes gamut of
meteorological scenarios, none
bode optimal for the human race

as well other innocent flora and fauna
particularly latter plenti full species
directly, whose IdentityGuard under
mined when an I opening illusion

inimitable influx, and inescapable increase
turns out to be no trickery prestidigitation,
loopy hallucination or daddy long legs action
to entertain claque of eager amusing children

who, when said hypothetical boys and girls
reach adulthood will live in World Wide Web
bereft of animal and plant diversity
whereby major metropolitan areas

uninhabitable, though arctic vortex
subjected lands once impounded with miles
thick slabs of frozen water might offer
temperate boot ness esse sea re: loch haven

though at this schlepping shoulder shrug
(physically and chronologically) all odds
viz zit ting future generations only suitable
within the realm of rumination, speculation,
and tantalization.
inthewater Mar 2018
it drips from the bottle
and into your
which spouts words
with no regard for my
that you don't know how to address
without alcohol kissing your
that form sentences
with a mind of their own
uninhibited by their flattery of me when they were

it agitates your face
as it rests in your
that used to hold mine and it
glazes over your
that used to light up when they saw me
or when they heard my
that you can hardly stand to speak
without alcohol
dancing on your
that doesn't render sounds
without cheap courage summoned

it depresses your
that I used to find intriguing
as it was paradoxically
kind with a quick
that no longer aims
to make me laugh
but is now restrained by the liquor
that you plastered to yourself
without concern -
would you even stop
if your own bottle said
Brother Jimmy Dec 2015
Intoxicated laughter, sober rage
Both are made within this cage

Silent prayer and crippling fear
Are always present when you're near

The end of this short time with breath
Mysterious, this launch toward death


                            The LORD will ******
                                                          ­ Every
                                                           ­   One

                                             It seems to be
                                                      How HE
                                                       Has fun


     See now I am completely clean
         And notice how
             these thoughts

                          •••  ---  •••

Let's cling to hope
It's all we've got
We hope it isn't
All for naught

Let's cling to the hope
That God has planned
An amazing banquet
A rockin' band

A natural high
So real so true
In our new bodies
You, you, and you

ALL are invited
And ALL will arrive
LOVE will win
We needn't strive

Just open up
Your weary eyes
And know that here
Around you lies

A magic love
Hidden from view
And waiting patiently
For you

God delights in fulfilling
Every prayer detected
But never...ever
In the ways expected

So "nearer my God to thee"
I'll sing as I go down
And oh so happy will I be
As I transform and leave this town

— The End —