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Bhill Jun 2019
There is a monster in the house waking up, the rising sun
It’s terrorizing everyone by shouting get your gun

What caused this crazy commotion and why is it today
The guns not real the monster is me, and I’m shouting to get my way

Sometimes you have to be, a monster like this, of sorts
You bang around, make lots of noise, resulting in some snorts

Most of the time, it doesn't last long, and you go about your day
You've spouted, pouted and shouted, oh what a pretty display...  NOT

Brian Hill - 2019#136
I'm not mad, I just wrote it that way...
Sometimes you just want to write in the mad format...  :)
tamp on me
did ya here that
on me

If you asked me
Why I fell in love with you
I would say
Your smile
The way you snort when you laugh
Your bear hugs
The forehead kisses you gave me every night
Your snores

But if I asked you
Why you fell in love with me
You would sit there silently
Because you can't remember
Doing rhyme
     is doing time

You commit the crime
     they hang you out on the line

When all the crystaled dreams
     come crashing to the floor

When it's your turn to walk
     but there's no door

You tried and gave your all
     And the promises have just stalled

. . . I thought I'd call . . .
     and was put on hold . . .

Feeling my age , getting old
     realizing my mortality
This was written in November 6 , 1993 .
Three days after my 43rd birthday . Woo-hoo !
I've got a secret
Kept it hidden well
It's destroying my soul
And gonna send me to hell
But I like how it feels
I love how it tastes
It's fun and invigorating
When I'm testing my fate
It boggles my mind
And clouds my eyes
Helps me become numb
And stops all the cries
I can smell the memories
Fading out of my life
With every pop, snort
And brand new knife
For my secret confessions challenge

— The End —