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Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2018
She is icy/hot,
Hot and cold like Gobi Desert.
When she is icy,
She is cold as Antarctica,
Breathtakingly  beautiful, alluring, allusive,
Frigid as a stone,
Aloof as the stars,
Frosty as an iceberg.
Her  steel blue eyes can pierce your very being,
Her wintry smile stops you in mid-sentence.
When she is aroused,
She becomes a smouldering volcano,
Tempestuous, cascading  hot lava
of desire,
As fiery as a glowing Sun,
As passionate as a young lover,
She emits an aura of sensuality,
She becomes an inferno of ecstasy ,
A bagful of icy/hot feminity.
When she is cold she is cold.Whenshe is hot she is hot.It takes a macho man to handle her.

— The End —