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shuble Dec 2019
There are some days

a      y    h     n  
    n     t      i      g

and you just wanna sit around
   and eat food and...
       and feel depressed

you run into your friend
and your friend's like 'aw hell naw! u no be sad'
friendship is valuable. i wrote this a while ago but thought it was valid so yeah. i dont know, ok.
Donna Mar 2019
Snails on patio
Washing blowing in the wind
I love you springtime
Lovely warm sunny day again today ***
Have a great weekend all <3
An innocent little boy

Too bad nothing lasts forever
Bardo Mar 2018
Snuggy ****** of a curled up cat by
   the fire
Furry faced, smiley headed, svelte
   purveyor of the big meow
Purring away like a Geiger counter,
If you seek Nirvana then seek no
   more, it's here
The Cat, she knows.
My cat poem. He's my relaxation technician.
Lure Pot Jan 2018
Oh smiley dream girl, you'll be my beloved
your mind will be filled
with my loving touches
and I will be enjoying your beauty
with my thirsty eyes
I will hide you with love in my heart!

I can't forget your first smiling face
how much weak I was on your eyes!
If you give me a little romance
then I will be melted into your heart!

My morning roses are just for your smile
I will give you the best of me
and fill your heart with happiness
tell me, when will you be my sweetheart?
David Adeniyi Dec 2017
Looking upward at the moon,
A smiley face full of happiness,
Brimming with confidence,
Never ever dismal,
Bringing such delight with profound smiles ,
That showed happiness and glee,
Making life so bright and worthwhile.
Phoenix Bekkedal Jun 2017
[birds cawing, screeching]
“Mommy dearest I'm bleeding
Through birth I’m feeling”
[trees are leaving]
Grown feet and with large strides
“They leave me here and go elsewhere”
To live, birth, and strive
“Now I’ve got nowhere but the cells in my veins to hide
Where I weep to sleep because pain has sent me
Staggering into a sunset invisible to me”
[not meaning to make it about she,
but conclusions arise that we can’t defeat]
[background chatter stimulates the flight of bees]
[buzzing fills the air, men feel suffocated
and can’t see their free seeping
through their fingers like the sand on the shore
where they’ve left their boats]
[They leave these boats with no mind
even though their fathers planted the trees
who gave their all
to be built into a ship
strong enough to carry the sun]
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