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Peyton L Jan 29
The sparrow has crossed my path
and I hope she'll stay
longer than a fleeting moment
so I may appreciate her beauty.

She came to me
as most Texas birds do
when you're quiet and alone.
But she was different, I'm sure.

She was vibrant,
not at all the dusty hues of the others
I had come to know.
She was bright and intricate.

The sparrow was free to roam
she was the epitome of freedom
and yet she chose to stay
singing by my side.

And she could have picked anyone,
that little yellow sparrow.
But she flew and sang around me
always appearing again.

I couldn't help but feel
that as quick
as she had appeared
she would leave again.

But the sparrow sang
and in her song
assured me
that she would do no such thing.

She was mesmerized
by me.
You can fly, and yet chose not to,
she said. Why is that?

You are as much a bird as I am,
she told me.
All you have to do
is let go.

I considered her words carefully
I had never flown before,
never thought that I could.
But for her, I did.
enn Jan 1
your disheveled yet
soft hair that's been
run through
and through
with my hands

your chest
that heaves
in breaths in a
way to
calm down
the leftover

your eyes
that look at me
with such affection

your lips
on which
i placed
countless kisses
all over

our hands
entwined ever
so loosely
yet stays
as it craves
the other's

you're so
inspired by rupi kaur's "milk and honey" / "the loving" section
Amaris Jul 2019
Hang a star on the ceiling, my love
To protect you during the daylight
Whenever the sky closes its eyes
It’s not perfect, I understand
But darling, nothing ever is
Hold onto what you can
Anton Jun 2018
Dear Me,
Aren't You tired
Aren't You tired of these sleepless nights
Aren't You tired of waiting?
Waiting for someone,
Someone who would never Come,
For Coming back Means Shame,
Shame and Pain to her part.
Let me Remind You,
No one Loves You Anymore,
Trust me She Isn't Coming Back,
Not even a Slightest Chance,
Not Even in your Sweetest Dreams,
So Come on Already.
Come to your senses,
Let me get some Rest.
Rest for a whole Eternity.
Just Go F**king Die Already.
Me ☺
6-9-18 -1:4:08
Rakha Mar 2018
You worth more than a thousand golden crowns
and continent wide silks
and all the brighter, wilting stars in the dark
and had you pulled the universe to you,
it will surely crawl under your thigh
as a machination made only for you.

And you worth more than the ten thousand horses that I had slain
and I pulled them onto your sheets
as whispery faeries gnawed onto its skin
onto its slippery vein
gory, but lovely all the same.

Alas, you worth more than another ten thousand of them running
hooves clattered across the impenetrable glass of auroral dome
and I saw you rode on another ten thousand that had not deserve you-

as you deserved gold and stars
and all the greater fury of this land,
not treachery and I.
Gold was the color of your ruse
and your words deify scorching stars into bloom
and you reek of rust — the finest yellow there was.
- and once more i pray to see you
Seanathon Mar 2017
With mind turning ever slight
Hands on the wheel
And no arm of yours in sight
To be wrapped around this old arm of mine
I will drive on out
Into the night
Into the unknown of the next good day
As I praise his name
And drive on by
With a questioning mind out loud in my
Ever turning inward sight
Always on the wheel. (;
Seanathon Mar 2017
The clouds racing across the sky
Remind me that my chance to live
My window into this varied life
Is rather short-lived
And that one day, as I certainly know
I'll be able to fly across the sky
Beside the clouds
But never high enough to look down
At least with this particular set of eyes
Can't wait...
Nestoria LR Apr 2016
im not the only person in the world to think this
not the only child to reminisce
about the stars
in the back of a car
at night
nor am i the only one who has felt the fright
of an empty bed when they awake.
the frigid breeze by the lake

could someone please help me not be so
but at the same time dont touch me,
dont come close.
shout it from the riverbed
let it echo in my head.
over and over and over
not like a broken record but a
never ending melody
ive been thinking a lot lately, as well as writing.

— The End —