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Zero Nine Oct 2017
Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

It's like half past ten PM
While it's true I've never been
the bread winner
I still wake and bake at dawn

Although, I'm losing sleep
They can see a tired person
hurting from existing as an
addictive personality

Although I'm losing sleep,
I'm positive this is the first
time I've felt fulfilled
since the last time

Believe me, my instruments are mine
when i'm the instrument - ally
conditioned queen
Believe me, my work is justified
when all it is, is time ill spent
in the end

Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Look at the
roll in

Oh yes, oh
yes, oh
yes, oh

Blue, purple,
and gold,
my goal


Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Oh joy, oh
joy, oh
joy, oh

How come in the meaning I'm promised new?
When you're my sole believer, what can I do?
What can I do but shoot and loot
til I become your monument?
Yeah yeah yeah.
-- but I just got to 275!
Raven Lee Oct 2014
To the Stars, Moon, Birds, and the Bees
The Warm Loving Feeling I Have Under These Trees
The Feeling of Having You In My Presence Pleases Me,
I Want Your Love
Your companionship
Just You, I Look In Your Eyes
And I See An Angel From A World That Doesn't Exist On Earth
Could It Be You
To Be The One To Steal My Heart
Written By: Taylor Skinner (My Good Friend)

— The End —