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Vda Jul 2020
She's the one who listens, the one you go to
She isn't the passive silent type,
No, she feels everything for you too.
She is the one who will answer at two in the morning
And actively participate like she wasn't just yawning.
She is also the one who fights her demons at night
Who feels that everyone is too preoccupied to question her might.
She is the one whose sheets are ice cold
Because she has no one to hold.
She is the one who never has a missed call
Because she isn't someone's missing heartstring
No one at all.
No goodmorning text or where should we go next
No one to bother or to get vex.
She is the one who mediates invisibly and shows you a different angle
Who tries to save what she may never know
But like Olivia Pope she will help you handle.
She is the one who will replace you at the edge of a tower
And talk to you nonstop for hours.
She is the one who will push you until your head is full
Yet she is the one you trust when you are entangled.
Karanveer Dec 2019
I'll bear the greatest temptations,
Lest it make me waste away,
Those moments of passion rightfully yours.
The thought that you exist,
Banishes the feeling that I'm alone.
Such is my love for you, oh woman,
Whom I do not know,
That I shall seek no pleasure in the present,
But wait with faith for God to show,
That a man of virtue exists for you
And you exist for him to know.
A love filled heart and hope for the future.
Nancy Maxwell Dec 2018
Often I wonder which is harder
'Singleness or Marriage'
How do we do it?
The struggles of being with someone and remain purified sexually
The focus we must attain in this manner
The mindset of suppressing lust and passion
Remaining without touch till the set time
Our partners how they seemingly accept the challenge but later deviate;
With talks like ‘am only human’.
How we look innocent but crave deep down for a tiny piece
The chain of celibacy a slavery we were made to follow
Or else anguish and chastising
Am broken and torn
The lessons I learnt I hold dearly
Corinthians stated worries
Oh my fate!
When whilst thou end, this status I cross around my neck
Wait! but don’t look waiting
The side talks and jest, the respect long lost
Yours will be the latest I know
Happen already!
Wait on God permanent anthems now
Smile and wave don’t show it
Or you are jealous.
Be happy and suppress
Be hopeful and pray
For how long!
Be patient, kind,
God’s time is the best
Oh when!
It’s been 3 decades and counting
No judging authority
I only want to be loved
Now I live for myself alone no deviation from love and service
I will do not just right but the right way
With God before me.
This poem is centered on the travails of singlehood, marriage is considered preferable sweet, the holiest and perfect tag also everyone's dream and singleness the No game, unwanted and some sort of plague everyone is running away from.
LucidLucy Apr 2017
Ain't no hope for this restless soul.

My work is the only piece I find whole.

The rest of me I am yet to see.

The rest of me needs to get away from me.

My bitter past is holding me back.

Future needs to be fixed, stacked on a rack.

Maybe next year I'll find a better replacement of you.

Or I can start this year,  while my beers are still cold and new.

— The End —