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Somewhatdamaged Jan 2020
I love the way I can hate
Your screaming
Your blaming
and all your misery.
You blame me for spreading in.
And then you hate me
for what you put me through!

And all your disbelief
that you comfort me with,
all your hatred
all your lying,
the way you played with me
I miss the way I can hate!

Cause I know its you, not me!
You turned my simplest taste
into a worthless meaning.
The way you were holding me
Your tainted caress
struck the void in me!

Where the **** are you?
I hope you're satisfied.
You're nowhere to be found.
I'm not missing you
I just miss the way I hate you!
Poetoftheway Dec 2019
“the simplest definition of our learning to count to infinity”

wrote those words
to a stranger in pain, awful pain,
asking him to count his blessings

now awful pain
no stranger to me

a pain four decades long,
that the surgeon promised was fully excised.

but today was triggered,
chest pain dagger ingredient emergency room

so I am counting for,
but not to,
counting on


when the wounding cannot be recalled,
only a minor scar to struggle from wonder whence
came it from

which is the definition of reaching the
infinity place,

where finite comes to rest
dec 10 2019
Mary Frances Sep 2018
Life is too short and unpredictable for
the simplest things not to be enjoyed
-like dancing under the rain
and play with the puddles after.
Wyatt Apr 2016
Is it the simplest things that make me
feel so tiny and lost in whatever we call this?
In the grand scheme of this
all we ever do is say hello and say goodbye.
What do we do with the time that's in between?
How will we remember everything we've done?

— The End —