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Tommy Randell Dec 2019
I woke at 4 this morning
Then again at 3, and thought
I must be dreaming
Backwards through my sleep.

But, the 3 was afternoon, so
I had slept on through, until
My lazy ears caught on a tune
And I was roused anew.

She, busy in the scullery,
And the 'Wild Mountain Thyme'
Accompanying her cookery,
Unlocked my sleeping mind.

Leaving behind now fading dreams
All through me ran those
Clear crystal streams,  and
I was a woken man.

Awake to the days of Winter
When outside chores can wait, and
The smell of tea as she entered
With toast & cheese on a plate.
K Nov 2018
Today, lets enjoy the simple pleasures  
Whilst disregarding the morning luminosity
when the city wakes, our impulse to be fainéant grows
a comfortable silence, filled with slow music at a moderate level
whilst slowly turning pages of a book, dismiss time and live in the moment.
Poem influenced by music.
Nite Jan 2017
Two of life's simple pleasures
Are waking up
To the warm sun
Shining from the depths
Of your eyes
Accompanied by the smile
That chases all my nightmares away
Rolling down the hill laughing, tumbling not caring; free as I get coated in grass stains and mud

Careful not to smudge the mascara, applying eye liner and sigh in relief to have not  sullied my face saving embarrassment

Giddy selecting sweets from the colourful array to buy with MY money; as much as I can!

Glancing at my seemingly large stomach in this dress I opt for a salad; as always (bland) but at least  I'll be slimmer

Card trades, the politics of the playground, using trickery and bribery to get the best, feeling like a boss

Eyeing him with a secure hand in his, falling hard, to notice her gaze at him and subtly securing dominance of his heart.

The door bell rings and there stands the gang ready with bikes and water guns to surrender ourselves to the sunny day

The Suns out and the lighting is absolutely perfect for a selfie so with a stretched grin I snap, Photoshop and Instagram

Toys R Us our haven and envious glances at those who could afford the best and most exquisite Bratz sets or card sets

The rare visits to the Apple Store are exciting even to just gaze at the new iPhone 5 and hold it awhile....

The joy oh the joy of reading time, together we sat and took turns, enjoying the sharing of a tale*

With my phone in hand not a minute goes by that I don't check my Facebook page for notifications
/child me VS teenage me/

— The End —