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Maddy Byrne Aug 2014
Start out on benches

then like sausages, we file
squish ourselves into metal skin
and sit in air-conditioned solace

Time pass slower
Moods get sharper
And sleep gets further away
the view from city streets
to run down houses,
homemade fences,
shipping yards,
more factories, of unholy God knows what
and finally mountains
bathed in sunlight and green trees.
Its a little boring but I was on on a long ride and I wrote this after writing three other poems so not as personal.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
A much as it tempts me I will not fall into fanfiction
My character ships are nestled safely in my imagination
More of a passing thought than a "poem". I try to keep my dignity and cred, as much as I want to write mary-sue, angsty, romancy nonsense about my favourite films. I will not.
Fel Jun 2014
Shipping is lovely

Especially when they ship you

To your best friend

Whom you secretly love

— The End —