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ShenequaMonroe Mar 2016
I could live in your lap
But I rather reside somewhere deeper
I could live in your mind
But I rather make you feel me some place sweeter
Miss me like you never saw me
Want me like its what you never had
Both graduated with PHDs
Speaking knowledge when those head games are applied
I could submit to my knees
But I need to look into the eyes of the one..
I crave more of you than just fun
Quick nights and games with our tongues
Let the raw truth follow
After one night comes tomorrow
Then those lust filled lies become that much more hard to swallow
So until then..let me hold this lock
With infatuated anticipation hoping
You will insert your key inside my Pandora's Box
Get me off with the thoughts and energy of your touch and actions
Cause contractions inside the walls only you know
But you have yet to let it be known
That your lap is where I call home...
inspired by Andre 3000 and someone special

— The End —