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Sasha Paulona Jun 2021
Love like the colours of rainbow
Love like a pilgrim of life
In the edge of golden horizon,
I saw the eyes of angle
Who owns them?
Are they mine?

Love is song of the river.
Love is a cloud in summer.
The dearie in a despairing courtyard
Where does he belongs to...?
Is he mine?

Pieces of bleeding heart,
Disappeared in a song I sang.
Sink into the twilight zone
like a dog with two tails

Eyes on to skin
Heart in to soul
Love’s for completeness !
Shapes are crawling to perfection
But still unsatisfied shapeless desires...….

God of golden wings
Praises the lust in dark
Around the endless hypnosis...….
No one will Understand but the GOD...........

— The End —