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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
To write,
was to embrace all the waves
that you kept off the shore.

To write,
was to embrace the thoughts
you shoveled down
so they wouldn't have the power to hurt you.

To write,
was to feel liberated
of your shackles and confinement.

To write,
was to find yourself
navigating towards
your own thoughts
and emotions that you
kept away for so long.

To write,
was to feel once more
and be brought back to yourself.
Arcassin B Jul 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I will never see a day of happiness like everyone has got
The chance to grasp with joy and family in their life not
Having to search for what they're missing in themselves mixed
With mental issues they can not contain,
And even though lie to myself about everything,
its time let myself free,
time to take the shackles off my feet let God see.
How everything is destroying around me.
How every person's love swindled me.
My life will be purposeful,
Living the happiest I've ever been,
Now its hard for ever sin,
Now its hard for me to pretend,
I'm glad I could try again.
Danielle Jun 2018
It’s so dumb and not really the point.
I wish, I wish, I wish,
I could force you to choke on it.
With every verbal message you spew,
The more the realization that the sparkle and shine,
Was just a shackle of the basest iron.
One that you released me from yourself.
I wish, I wish, I wish,
I could force you to choke on it.
It’s so dumb and not really the point.
There are always those things that turn out to be that last straw that makes a person snap, and often it's just little things that ultimately don't matter all that much. Other then they're the things that bring us closer to...something.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I hide my pain so none can see
The monster dwelling inside of me
I call him rage, I call him pain
He's there to keep me sane

He keeps the evil people away
His blood lust you will not sway
He never has anything nice to say
He's been there since way back in the day

He was born one dark night
When I could no longer fight
And he's been with me ever since
He really, truly is my dark prince

So don't hurt me or try to make new scars
Or I'll turn him lose, and he'll make you see stars
I keep him chained with shackles
For with him resides great hackles
He loves to break bones and make them crackle

So if you come into my life
And your there just to cause strife
Lie, break my heart, or my body use
I'll turn him lose and you'll see true abuse
And when he's done, over your body I'll stand
He always does what I command
So don't try to hurt me or you'll find out firsthand
CommonStory Aug 2014
Please don't **** me

I'm begging for mercy

But I refuse to say sorry

My apology will just be pure denial

Can't you see it's been awhile

Long time coming

I'm still running

Please oh no

No no no god ****** no

I put your name in vain please don't condemn my soul

But they want to take me away

To a place we all will end up

But not like this

No no no

I still won't say I'm sorry

I'm worried

I still haven't been let free

Singe my flesh 

disfigured me

Oh me me me

How ugly me

I'm a monster just unshackle me

So many faces

Pretty faces  but I'm just suffering

Why me me 

Where's my apology

I'm still not sorry

Until you do right by me

No no no ****** no

Skin is burned

Heart is cold

Soul is gray

Why the burden

Keep it burning

But don't **** me

I am begging

But I won't apologize

I won't say sorry

Spare me please

Yes I'm a monster

But you have no right to shackle me

I can't breathe

Let air in

Let me see

It's dark and I'm scared

And I don't care 

Cuz I am a monster

And I won't say sorry

No no no

Where's my apology

Let my bloodline weep and weep for me

But I'm not sorry

And I don't care

Fear has stricken me

But I'm not sorry

Do your worst and I'll wait to bleed

So set me free

But I'm not sorry

— The End —