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SM Jun 2
Little boy, I wish you could learn
What you’ve done wrong,
But I am afraid no one will ever put you in place
Well into your adulthood.
Little boy, I hope you learn.

Where are your parents now?
Letting you sit at a park
To torment me, someone twice your age.
You stand here now to harass two girls
“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”
Your voice echoes with me, permanently.
While you have the freedom,
To move along with your life and forget.
Your comments about us are disgusting.
They surround my skin like the sticky summer air
And leave me feeling gross.

Do you ever think of your mother when you say these things?
Maybe your sister?
A friend?
How could you treat a girl like this
How could you not think of them getting treated in this way?
I guess you’re just a little boy and don’t realize.

You must have learned this behavior from someone in your life
Maybe your father?
A brother?
A friend?
How could you have never been thought better
Has no one put you in place?
Told you this isn’t okay?

Little boy, I hope you realize it is it okay to tell people to make out
That it’s not okay to sexualized women
Minding their own business.
That it isn’t okay to torment any stranger,
or any person in your life for that matter.
Little boy, I hope your learn before it’s too late.
We love being a lesbian and being hyper-sexualized by CHILDREN! It’s absolutely disgusting and I will never forget this experience I had at the park. Teach your children to respect women. anyways, happy pride month! my gay self is looking forward to celebrating and honoring the struggles of LGBT individuals who have fought the many years before me. I love each and every one of you reading this. Have a good day!
Samantha Marie Jul 2018
I have learned from a young age that I would attract a certain kind of attention. Prepped for the stares I would receive for being more well endowed in the areas that spark lust in men. From a youthful age sexualized, only sought after for one purpose. One glance and thoughts are shifted to fantasy. Never asked about feelings or emotions, just questioned about how I can satisfied needs. I am only looked at as a fun time never a long time. They all believe that because I look a certain way, that I must have all these men in my bed, and that I am only in their presence for pleasure. My sanity is often questioned, once they realize that I am not a seducer or temptress that falls in to the hands of multiple men. But they also have the mentality to wonder why someone like myself is distant, guarded and closed off.
(Looks gone to waste in their eyes, tainted in my own)
I have never learned self love in my life, still haven't
I have had multiple voices telling me how I should look, what I should show or not to show, how I should use these(looks)
My body& looks have never felt like my own, they are loved by many but hated by the keeper.
Eva Tongali Jul 2018
Whenever a classmate or a stranger made a comment about my appearance,
my loved ones always said:

“Don’t listen to them”

Because growing up, everyone knew I was a bigger girl,
People called me fat before they called me by my name.
Being ridiculed for being fat was all I had ever known,
And how could I have not listened,
when I was called fat more than I was told “I love you.”
But you can’t admit you are fat,
instead you have to:

“Don’t listen to them”

I lost all of the weight in middle school and was left with curves you could only find on photoshopped Instagram models,
I went from girls calling me a whale to guys screaming across the street asking if that could tap this.
I wondered if things would’ve been better if I stayed fat, if I let go of the shame and just learned to love myself instead of turning into a new person.
I would tell my loved ones about how sexualized I was,
They said in order for me not to be the girl I was perceived as:

“Don’t listen to them”

I was ***** in my freshman year of high school, with ptsd haunting my every minute.
Two strangers voices replaying very different things in my head at all times.
One called me beautiful, the other a ****.
I used the advice I had heard so many times throughout my life,
And maybe I’m not a ****, but I’m not beautiful either.

How am I supposed to react when people hurt me but said things I’m supposed to believe?

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I’m not normal and I don’t take compliments very well.
Maybe it’s because I don’t get them very often, or maybe it’s because I

“Don’t listen to them.”
This is a very vulnerable piece based on different times in my life.

— The End —