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Jayanta Nov 2014
It is a tell of
two adored in historic past

“Their life was bumpy
No one allowed them to tie the knot!

They were lucky
Times permit them to get nearer!
In the fullness of time,
They are happy
Their new life is starts up!

They are starry
crops in their field are growing up!

They are brawny
Her haulage to a new hope!

Their hopes are turns to gusty
Draught spread out
Crops ruined up
and in the bolt from the blue
He breathes his last!

She is becoming leggy
Tears and torn encircled
People started to blame!

All of a sudden
A magic brings Mosey
A birds comes in and
tell   ‘I am here now,
Going sing everyday for you
and our up bring!’"

Then onwards
People in the hills
label birds calls are
the songs of their dearest one !

Now, birds are becoming honey
to everyone!!
Based on folk tale of ‘Sermaya’ community a sub-group of ‘Halam’ tribes of a inhabitant Tripura, belongs to North Eastern Part of India

— The End —