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Sarah Isma Nov 2018
I shouldn’t complain my loneliness,
because it is all self-applied,
The feelings i want to nourish,
They were all made up of such lies,
For it was i who imagined to be yours,
And it was i who longed to be loved,
The joy of wanting a partner,
I pretend to smile at you through a mirror,
I was foolish enough to let these emotions get to my head,
Although in some aspects I don’t think we have ever properly met,
In the distance of your glory all that i see,
Was another fate that was just not meant to be.
I guess i enjoy spending my saturday nights occasionally watching romantic comedies and reading jane austen, just squeezing my lonely heart unconsciously in pain, why do i enjoy it? I have no idea, but I can’t complain about it too much, if I’m able to dig this unnecessary thoughs up, then i should be able to fill back.
Cíara McNamara Aug 2014
The dark is a howling beauty that whirls throughout my hair.
The dark dark beauty and the oh! so familiar fear.
The darkness clawed at my paled skin, yet only I could see.
The dark, he never would like me – only if I had behaved for He.

The first time that I met him, he was standing by my door.
Eyes dark dark and hateful, they instilled such fear.
Speaking to myself in tongues, twisting in my sheets –
A nightmare a dream! A dark dark vision – it cannot be real!

He slinked along the darkness, crawling up to me.
The stench of death and sewers – the end of sweetly innocent stupidity –
Now and for all the tormented years to come, void of sweetly.

The darkness – his clawed, disfigured, insipid being withdrew the light from me.
Only I could see the lustful hate of He! His inspiration, his muse – all lay with me –
This dark and howling beauty that loved me – ravished me – destroyed the dreamer of my soul.
Took my love from me – there is a howling beauty – which instils such fear, only in me.

He would never love me again, Oh, what I did to He! What I did to me –
That only I will ever see.

— The End —