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TheWitheredSoul Jan 2019
No it didn't **** me but something inside me died,
maybe it was the part of me that you exposed to the world,
maybe that's the part that i didn't realize that even a person like me  could be capable of,
oh dear ,
you showed the devil what love could actually be and just when it thought you were real
you vanquished in the vandalized sanity of this insane stage with the mere actors in it.
So yes something that was a part of me died and
i am always grateful to you for you being the one person to show me what i was capable of .
You will be the one and only person who will ever know that even a devil
had heart that was
capable of love.
The easiest way to destroy a person is to show them love and leave them without a reason.
Pokkuri Feb 2015
Laying alone in a tent,
breathing's heavier, sweat is dripping.
I think I've had too much.

Too many festival treats obtained off
friendly vendors, in it as much as you are,
looking for a good time, at a small cost.

The sun begins to rise, heart races faster,
Emotions both empathetic and sympathetic.
I think I've had too much.

Laying in this tent amongst the other sheep in the same boat around me.
I have accepted my faith
This is my fault, will I notify anyone?
No **** it, I don't want to cause a scene,
I'll let them find out

Too many thoughts rushing through my
too many apologies that will be owed, that I won't around for,
I'm filled with self disgust but maybe,
its for the best.
I think I've had too much
Bad festival experience

— The End —