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Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
Do not drag me down to your level
Of abuse
Or of meanness
Do not drag me down just because you
Cannot handle
The thought of being alone
Do not drag me down to this insanity
You falsely
Title love not lust
Do not drag me down from this high
I'm entitled to
Even if I sound selfish
Do not drag me down after all this time
That I've
Let you drag me all around
You can't drag me down anymore
Because I am
Not that little girl filled with fear
John-Chris Ward Oct 2014
Uniformed clothes and uniformed houses.
Living their lives in uniformed masses,
Looking through rose colored glasses.
If this is the life they choose to live let it be,
But this is not the life set up for me.
My happiness is completely depended on me.
If I believe that I've been set free from ******* things,
Than I must be.
I'm only odd because the people in my surroundings are abnormally normal. :):):)

— The End —