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Left Foot Poet Apr 2018
(seep yourself to leak away)

all reveals are feints;
I take you right
but I am moving left,
always left,
then left again

when I turn the faucet of me on,
brown, rusty pipe water comes out,
never turning clear,
even if the flow
went on for a millennium

someone traveller passerby
reads my excellent explicit illicit words,
with kind sweetness
observes a valid conclusion:
Poems take.a lot out of you


not take, give
they are the slow seepage
of my overburdening
which is
yes, yes, I know, all relative,
but perspective is a
sometime summer thing,
and all the springtime streets
filled with filthy frozen slush

having  come from some rusty water leakage,
never turning clear
no matter how long the street runs away
from you

so you take yourself to give away,
seeping and leaking

ah words;

so useful and so inadequate
crushed petals from the Tree of Life

you ask me If I have read my brother,
the prophet-poet Jeremiah?

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?

When your words came, I ate them;
they were my joy and my heart's delight

Then the Lord reached out his hand unto my mouth and said,
"I have put my words in your mouth."

these are those words
written months ago
Colm Jul 2019
And here
Settled like in water
I am going to sink into you like a falling stone
Like a tree half buried in the peat moss slow grown

Into you
I will seep anew
Seep into you my hobby
Corey Jun 2019
Don’t let it control you
don’t let it seep in
think about the honey bee smothered in pollen
the way grass flows in the wind
flowers blooming in spring time,
the birds singing in the morning light
and dancing through the sky
the trees constantly being reborn
after becoming barren
through harsh winters

Don’t let it control you
don’t let it seep in
think about the wind rustling the leaves
the constant flow of rushing rivers
clouds drifting across the sky,
the mountains rising tall and steady
above the Earth
the ocean waves pulling at the shore
constantly pulling and pushing
by the moons will

Don’t let it ask too much of you
to the point where you ask
yourself if any of your troubles,
bad days, and sorrows
will ever be worth it
think about cotton candy colored skies
and the burst of color in a sunrise
while the moon lingers in the daylight
and stars hide
until the next clear night
Madison Greene Jun 2019
I would've given anything to watch every sunset with you
and I don't know why two people in love can't do anything but destroy each other
I don't know why every time you're around poison seeps into my bloodstream
just know that in another universe, I am laying next to you
I know what it's like to adore what breaks you
I've always confused my destruction with divine intervention
Simone13 Sep 2018
quills unburdened cuts
small as threads

some words are better left undone
then said

little by little
day by day

but for paper they’re scars
that won’t fade away

each beat is stained
flowing with ink

but it goes more unnoticed
than you think

even if they try to mend those
they seep through

papers pages will never
be brand-new
The words people tell sometimes ,they leave scars and even if they beg for forgiveness... sometimes you can forgive but you struggle  to forget
Abdullah Ayyash Apr 2015
A year ago…
The story I know
Tears are deep
They won’t seep
Love in need
Hope to keep
Two hearts died
One soul disappeared
Life won’t be the same
© Copyrighted
Abdullah Ayyash
April 19th, 2015
Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2014
When I lay in bed,
Trying to sleep.
When I close my eyes,
Thinking so deep.
When it becomes too late,
I fall asleep.
When I dream of a dream,
I can’t upkeep.
When all my senses,
Start to seep.
To the nonexistence,
Want to creep.
That’s the moment,
I want to keep.

Abdullah Ayyash
October 2nd, 2010

— The End —