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ollie Feb 5
No one shares seats on the bus
Not since fourth grade
And I’m still trying to figure out if it’s because we want the room to ourselves
Or because too many of us still flinch when someone slides in next to us
It happened in the summer between fourth and fifth grade
And whatever it is, we don’t know
But no one shares seats on the bus
when i was in the fifth grade, it came out that a girl two grades below mine had been ***** by a boy in sixth grade. no one has shared seats on the bus since, even though this boy has long since been arrested since i reported him after i overheard him saying he had more planned for her the next year. that’s just the way it’s come to be
E B K Nov 2018
They sit in a circle
And every seat is taken
Except the one next to you
Nick Strong Jul 2015
A couple holding hands, huddled together
A rusty crane arm reaching the stars
Smell of salt air mixed with seaweed
Shades of red, and orange mingle
With the glistening water as the sun sets
Wooden bench perched on a bank,
Tiny plaque memory of two souls
Spending moments here of evenings past
Overlooking fishing boats tethered,
An ancient weathered harbor wall.
Lazy, full seagulls, flap heavily away
Playful laughter floats, on the air
As children dance too and from
Waves lapping the pebbled beach
Craster, a tiny northeast english fishing village
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
This morning on the tramway a stranger
Was singing our song.
I didn't know how to feel about it,
Whether I wanted to keep listening
Or change seats,
Whether I loved you still
Or didn't care any more.

So I simply looked out of the window
And smiled to the memory of us.


— The End —