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no Mar 12
this is when I thought oh no
but what happened to me
I will clue you it happens on the sea
a long way away
in a far of land
just out side Whitstable
after I was a left early able

but  what happened I can her you asking
well I saw a ****** multitasking
but he was not just watching strictly and cooking
he was grabbing his binoculars and looking

but what was he staring at
he was staring and stroking something that looks like a rat
but as I floated closer
I saw it was not a rat oh sir

he was staring at the kids on the beach
when I saw it was not a rat I could not even speak
then I just started I swim
and I think still to this day I was the only one who noticed him
I still see him in my dreams
Jon Hanlan Aug 2019
For some forgotten seafarer
On a flaccid wreck somewhere
I, too, am lost and shattered
We’re both stranded, the hard concrete
Made for our searching: in spite of all
Silver crown, dubbed beauty
We searched, through the frenetic infrastructure
Long-distance romance, fingertip pounce
The cobwebs that lay huddled
Was it you, to become me?
Flew west to build a nest
In the forests they’ll find me
Wave goodbye to all you know
A new face, on this painted white landscape
Tiny miracles elusively overfull
Ecstatic flight and fresh linens
Beckon, home awaits
Daisy inquiries
Of eternal youth and temperate vigour
Ana Laag Jan 2019
I miss you,
Every single day.
Longing for you,
Is like torturing me,
In every possible way.
But I promise,
To be strong,
To be faithful,
To adore you,
To love you,
In each day of my life.
The daylight is slowly fading.
Yet another day,
Lost in the waves.
I will wait for you,
Until you come home.
And drive these worries away.
Midshipman Macky Jun 2018
To all my co-seafarers out there
We're a kind of man that is rare
Sailing port to port is never easy
It makes our mind look messy

Grieve to achieve more and more
We sail to make our own lore
It's hard to have a safe sail you know,
Just to make my times flow and glow

For our family's on our homelands
Too far but cannot cut our bonds
Even if we are far from our loveones
A day with them will be our lance

As we sail through depths of sea
Only the future in your eyes, I see
Partly inloved without a body,
Of me waiting to be full heartedly

It's sad to say how people judge us
Disregarding it but it has a mass
We don't talk for us to believe
Is these words is what you give?

They say we're fool and full
Fool to trust our "I Love You"
And full of girls that we've made "I do"
But they know nothing but judgements

It feels good when you're way back home
Stealing kisses and hugs that comes
Years or months? Sad but there's also weeks
But its fine even a peke on your chicks

It's hard when we need to leave again
Let we connect with a paper and a pen
Our eyes won't lie to "I miss you"
All I wanted is to be with you

As of now we're heading east
To sail to other lands for a fiest
Not to make love to other girls
I'll finish my job and buy you rose
Some seaferers were judge but the nature of their job in movies, well not all seafarers are not as bad as they seems
Steve Jun 2017
While anchored in the Port o' Leith
A ****** by the name o' Keith
Went out on the town
With sailors sorrows for to drown.
A woman in every port
Or so he'd thought
Until he caught a funny rash
Which cost him nearly half his cash.
Through the bottom o' a whisky glass
And no' in the arms o' a Scottish lass
He found his blurry dream
Yo ** ** and a jar of cream.

— The End —