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Rp Feb 8
You know
I just feel like am
in the middle of storm
clinging to the last piece of a sinking ship,
for am so close to let it go
and rest on the seabed
to eternal
but there's something
that keeps on pushing me
to stay alive, swim from a piece to piece
just to mend
  a sunken heart...
Rachel Hickey Sep 2017
The sea is made of milk and made of honey
I float under the surface without sound
My skin is made of clay and paper money
The seabed has a mattress soft as cloud
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
a thousand restless fingers
pluck along my nerves
and crawl swarming bees
over my flesh
******* dry honey
and I as a comb am empty
waiting on the waxing moon
to bring in the tide
exposed and littered
on the cracked seabed
lighting beeswax candles
impromptu runway lights
for those aeroplanes
who always fail to land
and wasted afternoons
fade into wasted nights
tossing to and fro
I sleep
under the cupboards instead

— The End —