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Ron Gavalik Nov 2019
Keep your back straight
when walking in the rain.
You'll have a better view
of the frightened rats
who scurry for the salvation
you've already found
within yourself.

–Ron Gavalik
L Sep 2019
Id see that
the remnants
of what once
was fiery blaze
Has now
to have been smothered.
I would notice
there was no movement
on the once
lively log.
the home
of the once
peaceful ants
was now
no more.
A mere shell
a ghost
of once used to be.

I would see
And without a thought,
i would
once again
set the log ablaze.

Id light the fire.
And id see
the ants
that might have
the first calamity,
And i would wish them the best.
Bhill Aug 2019
Hello to you, and you and you, what can I do today
I see what you want, it's ghastly and gaunt, and I think you should just go away
What do you mean, you think that it's keen; it's awful and I can't abide
I think you should hurry, and please, please scurry, get out, your want is denied
We all have our views and yours made me choose, to ask you to leave me alone
I know you meant well, but I bid you farewell to move on to a better unknown

Brian Hill - 2019 # 219
Another attempt as this format. I like it because you can have fun with ideas, emotions and even beliefs...
Vincent Nov 2014
I am light brown with shining eye.  A small rodent some might call me.
Though small I may be, I live in everyone
Beneath the cracks in the darkest rooms of the word,
I scurry to those who need my comfort
And they embrace my touch.

The lion always chases me.  He despises me.
Yet he fears me, one so small.
The black lion, dark as night
I am his mortal enemy.

Most of the time I hide in the shadows
People look to me
To see what they truly are
And the deepest reaches of what is it to be human
Flow forth from me.

The lion never ceases, never stops
Always frantically trying to extinguish my flame
I will never die
I live in us all and I scurry this earth
My comfort helps those in need
Beneath the cracks in the darkest rooms of the world.

— The End —