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Max Ese Anderson Jun 2020
A Poem Against ****

Wham bang!
He stole her pride
But dang!
He ruins a bride

Five minutes he had his fun
A life time she keeps the pain
Few strokes he snuffed her sun
She lives with the indelible stain

For him it's business as usual
For her it's a life changing trauma
Cos the act was far from mutual
Rotten becomes her new aroma

His new home should be hotter than hell
On his head should be the shame
Cos even on earth she is already in hell
As a victim in this horrible game

If on the victim you pass the blame
Of an act so truly vile
You ought also to have your name
On the list in the condemned file
(C) Max Ese Anderson 09/06/200
Mark kenny Dec 2019
Crying with all her might hoping someone would hear her cry

Crawling out of her sheets the nightmares would make her cry

She was strong and weak but she was showing us just one part

Life twinkling just like a glimpse that refuse to show once path

Her abuser on the corner lurking around like their is a prey in his path

Both eyes collide and that moment she realise the circle will repeat itself

Mouth closed and the mind turn but the eyes refuse to hold the pain

Tear drop shows the vulnerable loud silence which shows her pain

She has to channel her stronger side and speak to the world about her pain
The focus is on **** and child molestation and how the victims can find a voice amidst oppression

— The End —