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Skye Oct 2018
Some days you just want to give up on humanity.

But then again, I realized that the moment enough people start believing that humanity is beyong saving is the moment we really are doomed.

Isn’t that how evil triumphs?
By making you believe that there isn’t any good left in the world?
By making you feel that there is no way out of the darkness?
By dividing us into units of insecure people willing to tear each other apart?

Evil will only win if we let it.
Divided is what we will be, only if we let it.

Together, we can still save humanity.
Only together, so, shall we?
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
Days go by fassST
nights go by even-
sometimes in pure and high delight
other times in a shear
an quite perfect natural disaster,

I might be addicted to your arms
an disabled by those hidden charms
I can't hear no longer tbe warning alarms,

as long as I am beside you love
I know I can face tomorrow brave again

Ma Cherie © 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I'm falling from the heavens
I fell and am half way to hell
The fall is scary
I'm seeing so many monsters
I can even see one in myself

The Angels fly by
But they don't see me
They can only see the
Monster I'm fated to be

But I'm still falling and you can still save me so why,
Why, why, why
Why won't they catch me?
They see you fall into the abyss, but they won't risk falling with you so they just ditch you.
RayRay Mar 2017
I find it disturbing that,
When God created man,
The wise Lord gave us Maths.
But we became calculative and used it to keep tabs.

He also gave us Languages,
But we too found ways to be ****** and rude.

Strangely, he gave us Science,
Thinking that it would improve our world,
But all we did, was try to disprove him.

Oddly, he created Technology,
For awhile, that worked well,
But even with that,
It now tries to replaces the very humans that he created,
With scraps of metal.

Are we truly on a one way street to destruction?
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
Prolonged offers stay unpaid
What took them to change?
Sides for every kinds quarrel
They want the land to be safe
Assured that won't happen again
They've been cheated every since
Nice dress you wear, who are you?
You got the people serve you
Innocence sparkle in every eyes
You can't see, politics is your blindness
How many social workers,
Do get attention other than media?
Save us, Oh lord! They forgot us

We know we are the reason
To destroy what you gifted us
This planet, we might leave
She can't bear us anymore
She's shivering, sneezing a lot
Fever has begun, who's drowning?
Do you need existence or science?
Stop planting bombs on her
She is not your experiment
Save us, Oh lord! They don't listen
When we try our level best to retain serenity, other people, the same human kind, destroys it...  so please listen and calm down.
Steve Jul 2016
We walk reluctantly through the narrow doors
That bind us
That click shut behind us
No use turning round
Trying a handle
You know now where you can find us
We took our country back
From its minders
In Out Leave Remain
Vote Abstain
But don't complain
Or remind us
They've realigned us.

© Copyright SE July 2016
It's too big not to say something
Our love is like a bubble bath
I needed you to wash me clean
But now our love is going down the drain
I watch as it swirls around and around until its gone
Wrapped in a towel
I watch whats left of us seep away
With tears in my eyes
I try to save us
To save anything left over

— The End —