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Late Saturday nights,
packed cars and
laughing friends.
Trunk monkeys,
running around
fighting and fending off
the crazy drunks and
druggies of the night.
People screaming and
laughing and
running all over.
Everyone making jokes
and annoying one another,
all of us
making memories that'll
last forever.

Gotta love them
late Saturday nights.
Remember the teenage years, when you think they're all little punks who think they're indestructible... you may be right, but think about all the fun YOU used to have.
I’ve been in love with you for months
From the moment I met you
My heart stopped
But you were in love with someone else
And our paths didn’t cross
For months
And I’d forgotten about you

But one drunken night
I ended up in your room
And you kicked off your shoes
And asked me to lay down
On your pastel floral couch
So with my cheek on your chest
We talked and we talked
For what felt like hours
Then slowly
You slipped your hand
Under the bottom of my shirt
I looked up at you
In the smoothest way possible
You said “What up?”
And started kissing me

And my fingers tangled into your hair
And your fingers spread wide
Over my ***
And pulled me closer to you
And we couldn’t get enough
In that moment
You were everything
Everything I’d ever wanted
And needed
And I couldn’t let you go
You were my breath
What kept me alive

At least for that moment
Saturday was a snow globe. One perfect moment I want to hold on to forever. Please don't smash it.

— The End —