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fiachra breac Mar 2018
I hunger for change -
for revolution -
for some end to this mundane

life. Seems so common,
so dull and expected and teenage.
I need to taste freedom

from myself, my
peers, my cramped little world.
There are new horizons to be seen,

and new people to meet, and
new memories to be made.
I love what has come before

but I need to believe,
there is more to come.
I'm normally not this pretentious, I promise, it's just I am on tenterhooks regarding the future. I have never felt this excited about seeing tomorrow - not in a long time. And don't worry, I'm still massively freaking depressed, it's just now I crave revolution... Ireland is not yet free, millions around the world are enslaved, the entire system is at breaking point, and I have friends interested in fixing it

— The End —