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Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Three orange lights
waiting in a cue.
Warm, pudgy and sweating.
Squeezing the last drop
of pure sweetener
down your throat.

Delicious syrup
growing and spreading
on the finger tips.
Feeding the eager.
Melting bright nectar
dropping down the thighs.

Saliva sprinkels
on the piano lips.
Playing chants
of **** and thirst.
Lavish liberation
buzzing for more bees.
icantbearmyself Jun 2018
my pillows have
heard me scream
that it is going to
be alright
they have seen
saliva, blood and
tears, they
heard every single
word I said to myself
and the moans
they help me make
the screams quiet
and the outside a
bit less loud whenever
the nights are spent
in panic
Maggie Emmett Mar 2016
In the realm of rumour
wise men suggest
when it is dark enough
you will see the stars

In the fury and the mire of human veins
fragments of dreams and memories
used to spring loose

from my crowded mind
unsettled, darting dreams
shouting slogans in the noisy air.

In the kingdom
of saliva and dust
I have ceased to dream

And soon
I will soon cease
to exist.

© M.L.Emmett
original unpublished poem 'Reality' 07/02/99;  revised 16/02/2016

— The End —