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noren Dec 2018
Our monster moments
are too many,
our saintly seconds
too less.
Brittle Bird Jan 2015
Shock me soundly, brittle bird
crunch me under stained glass shards
  crash my plane of what's unheard
breaking me hard.

Acquaint me soundly, brittle bird
make the song of an empty sea
strip me bound of all I learned
falling me free.

Sleep me soundly, brittle bird
dream me of hallow and point crest
squeeze and shake out saintly words
filling my rest.
If anyone wonders the weights and ideation behind my name, here is a small poem. Originally inspired by the song 'Red' by Lost In The Trees; which I think is absolutely beautiful.
©2015, Brittle Bird
Let your Life be a sacred garden,
planted with genuine, saintly seeds;
properly nurturing your crop daily,
yields blessings for personal needs.

Begin with three rows of peas:
“Peace” of mind, heart and soul,
for it creates a basic foundation
that leaves you healthy and whole.

Next plant four rows of squash:
”Squash” vain gossip, indifference,
grumbling and unwelcome selfishness
to reap real, spiritual brilliance.

Add four generous rows of lettuce:
”Let us” be kind, walk in His Love,
faithful, and patient with each other-
being reflective of the Kingdom above.

Follow with three rows of turnips:
“Turn up” for meetings, service
and to regularly help one another.
Not to do so, would be a disservice.

Finally, plant three rows of thyme:
”Time” for family, friends and others-
seeing that we’re really related through
our humanity, as sisters and brothers.

Sow your seeds often; water with patience;
prune and cultivate them with His goodwill.
By transforming into a master gardener,
the desired results, you’ll… eventually see!
Author Notes

Inspired by:
2 Cor 9:6-7; Hos 10:12; Gal 6:7; Luke 6:38
and the anonymous “Planter’s Guide”.

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.

— The End —