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Sunny Nov 2017
please, leave me a second
for me to not think about you
or all of the feelings that i feel for you

please, leave me a second
leave me alone on my mind
or help me escape from all of the thoughts about you

please, leave me a second
to not overthink about words you said to me last night
about how everybody just look at me as someone ordinary, when you're not

please, leave me a second
for me to write all these words
and cry because i just show the world my chimpy side of me

please, leave me a second
stop try to call me every time
i dont want this go too fast

please, leave me a second
and try to think about you too
are you really into me? or just fuckery things you give to me

please, leave me a second
or maybe two,
or maybe more..
so you dont have to come to me everytime
and see my red face because how often i cry at one night

please, leave me a second.
im so into you, but i doubt that you have the same feeling as me too.

liv Oct 2017
the pain i had
i heard her voice
"i love you"
i noticed:
they belonged together
Unknown Oct 2017
The evil stare in her eyes so subtle
A queen bee and her others
Weak brain washed little things
Hover always besides her

She keeps me away
Like Rapunzel stuck in her melancholy castle

I come
But your mother keeps me away
I come
But she always has an excuse

One day
The queen bee grew tired of me
So she drove me to my death

Alone was Rapunzel
And I was no more
And that's how your
Mother killed me

I hope she's happy
After all.
I haven't seen her in so long I feel like just giving up. Can I just run away and never come back?
Lucya Nov 2016
"Babe,do you know how much i love you?"* He asked.
"Not as much as i do" she smiled.
Pain changes people.
Expo 86' Oct 2015
It came to me then, that every second i spent thinking about you, is a tiny waste of my life, and just now i realize that loving you is just pointless as staring at my shoes, and the tattoo of the heart with YOU&I; i tattoed on my back nows only give me regrets, and even feelling all this hatred when i see you my heart aches so hard thats is almost impossible to breathe, why? just why? why i cant forget you or just try to move on? why everything around me just reminders me of you? why i cant live a life without you in? Because i'm a stupid person or because you are my true one?
I dont have a answer and i hope you too, so i can accept my fate of lonely one, of a single bird in a tree, of a single cell in a living being, of a drop of rain in nigth

— The End —