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S I N Dec 2019
Standing on the edge of the world
Is quite different from what you may've heard:
It’s quiet but with toneless droning of as if
A swarm of bumblebees in striped adorning
Buzzing relentlessly and aimlessly;
No waterfall or chasm or nothing it’s
Just, well, you know, reminds you of a list
Perspective: one step ahead and you
Are back again; no wonder it is so
Decrepit and shackled and you may
Not believe it but feeling of something,
Like, you know, of everything and nothing
At a time; something Lovecraftian;
Indescribable; inexpressible;
You just stand stranded and derive an
Energy from this darkless-though-lightless-as-well
Being in nothing at the edge of something;
Edge may be a little bit far-fetched;
You may be’d rather prefer a rim;
So be it so
A rim of the world; no end and no
Beginning, you know, just it somewhere
There aloof from everything and still
So close to all you know and feel;
Dunno; you just stand stranded on the
Sand as though at the edge of the ocean
No motion though is visible or tangible
But breeze you may feel tinkling on your
Face imbuing droplets of sweat but at
The moment of realizing of thinking
About it it drops and vanished and you
Again just standing stranded on the edge
Of the land abandoned on the rim of the
Horizon of events as reverse gravity’s
Rainbow is arching the other side of the
Universal plate where nothing at all but
Serendipity Nov 2019
I will drown
in streams of
running along a glass rim.
Bhill Sep 2019
Coming to the rim
The rim that suffered through time
Eternity, gone

Gone and in the past
In the past and now absent
Forgotten, forthwith...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 245
Are you at your rim yet?
Hazel Apr 2019
Skruehoved, en skrue løs.
Hovedet forskruet, sætter skruen til hovedet, trykker 1, trykker 2.
Mit hoved, det troede at det følte sig truet, så nu har jeg skruet det fast, det er skruet på plads, i en **** i en hast, hast...Jeg tror godt du kender det, mit hoved, for du vender det, tænder det og sender det uendelige tanker, jeg vender mit hoved, for mit bryst det vibrere, det mit hjerte der banker. Hjertebanken, blot et bankende hjerte, sender tanker om smerte, sender dem til. 
Att: til den forkerte.
Så vend dig dog om, og gå. nej vent,
stå, bliv stående, selvom du er gået, er du ham den gående, ikke ét sted, ét menneske kan få dig til at blive stående!
Pauline Morris Apr 2018
If only my loved ones knew how hard I've fought
If only they knew all the directions I've sought

Agony finally overcame me, now out on the rim
I hope they know my last thoughts are of them

©Pauline Russell
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
Smiles, tram cars, stinging eyelids
Transparent brittle shards,
Ashes finding water surface
All of this onto a palm
Locked into a fist

I’m the coin that’s landing on its rim
The odds were slim and yet
I am standing on a grin
The third side says that
Karma always wins
Hazel Apr 2017
Sandheden er
hvad sandheden er
Den er hverken
mere eller mindre
sand eller usand
Solaces Apr 2014
I have been visiting the outer rims of heaven..  Seeing first hand the memories that live again in this place..  Only toward the end I realize that I have to leave and I cannot stay.  It is sad but at the same time I carry with me the new memories of a heaven that I never knew existed.  Suppose everything is as real as you want it to be..  Suppose you cannot break from such a lucid loop.. You go round and round reborn with no memory of the many yesterdays that have long passed.. You live and die again and again.. Soon this world will be to full with those who do not know how to pass on through the outer rim.. They see it a dream...

The time machine used to take you back has indeed already been invented..  Look upon your bed or where ever you may sleep.. Behold your time machine.. When you go back and change things you do in such a way for a different stream in time... Although you awake in your stream you will find that you changed your someone else's time stream...  I have already changed the stars in many of my travels..  I have also seen that in doing so I have created a second universe..  Tonight I create a third..  So what we have here is a time change.. A ripple created by me, from me, to me, at the very source of me..  We begin from one and guide him to heaven infinite!
The spirial spinning wrong..

— The End —