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and then again I hear them say
somebody will like you,
he’s on his way

but to wait for the right guy
is a lonely journey, can’t deny

and as the days go by
I look up in the sky

I tell myself to be patient
there’s no need to be racing

I’m longing for someone
a nice guy, can’t describe
somebody who will catch my vibe

I hope he’s coming
cause I need some real good loving

meanwhile I will do another rhyme
and just have trust in time

- gio, 12.04.2020
MAX castro Feb 2020
You were the person who crashed my wall.
The person who made me weak and fall.

You taught me to believe and love myself more.
To be patient, happy, and broken no more.

Because of you, I saw my future again.
The future I thought I will never see again.

You are God's gift to me.
A gift that will guide and make me feel free.

Perhaps you were only God's instrument.
An instrument that will make me seek Him and save me from sin’s imprisonment.

And perhaps we were only meant to cross each other's path.
Only destined to meet but never meant to be together.

— The End —