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Carmen Jane Apr 2019
Gentle touch, that leave ephemeral marks
My muscles tremble and manifest in arks,
The  fire- that in me you ignite,
Desire,of your gentle bite,
I'm always  in search of your lips,
But, please,  don't stop your gentle nips,
As this is my conundrum,
My heartbeats,now for you, drum!
I so love, how you pick me,
I love how you speak to me
I never want to let go of our embrace,
I wonder how come we have this chance,
To be so blessed,to have each other,
Without you near, I'll surely suffer!
I want you now, us to be one,
I want your love, like you, is none!
Our skins unite, now I can't tell,
Where I begin or end, that's your spell!
Forever lost in this embrace
I want to stay, be lost in space
With you, my body acts spasmodic,
With you, my life is so rhapsodic!
Rhapsodic moments
Sublimely rising
Blissfully blending
Piano notes
Exquisite, sweet
Rapturously surging
Precise and pure
Tumultuous as the rain
Rippling, rolling
Thunderous drums
Effulgent, ecstatic
Crashing crescendos
Rising and falling
Passionate sounds
Exultant, blissful
Harmonious melodies
Serene and sensuous
Tender as a kiss.

— The End —